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09/09/2021 01:13:08
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Follow this instruction:

Install and open qBittorrent at least once and press Ctrl+Q to close qBittorrent.

Download the migration tool and extract it to any location.

Go to the location where you've just extracted the zip file. Inside that folder, you'll see 5 files.

uTorrent users -> double click "uTorrent migration" file & hit enter. (Do NOT run this as administrator)

Bittorrent users -> double click "Bittorrent migration" file and hit enter.

Upon success, it will say "Successfully imported xyz.torrent."

Open qBittorrent, select all torrents(Ctrl+A) > Right-click > Force recheck.

It may take some time depending on the number and size of the torrents.
Once done, select all torrents again and click on the resume *censored*on.

That's it! Now your torrents should be seeding in QBittorrent.


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