Would you mind to spent some bonus point
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16/04/2020 11:36:30
(164 weeks ago)
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I am a shared IP user, so it is very tough for me to make a great seed points to purchase a rank. So I am requesting you purchase or gift me a VIP rank. I will be very glad to you for that. I know it's very tough to gather this amount in your profile but, I know there are many users with millions of bonus points on their profile. I just want their help, that's all. ,
It's not the price of their hardworking or gifting; it's just an honor to show them by sharing my personal premium resources with them....
I can share with them these kinds of accounts:
All accounts are 100% tested!

1. Grammarly
2. Avg antivirus with 2022 validity ( with avg tuneup, avg vpn and avg password protection)
3. Malware bytes (with lifetime validity)
4. Napstar
5.Eros now
6. Scribd ( for a month validity)
7.nord vpn ( with 2022 valodity)
8. Tidal ( US | SuscripciĆ³n = HIFI | Finaliza = 2020-05-1cool1.gif
9. Disney plus (Disney Plus Yearly | Expire = 1/18/2021)
10. Hoichoi (-EXPIRY: = 2020-06-05)
11. Sling tv
12.hungama play ( 30/09/19-29/09/20)
13. Deezer
14. Amazon prime ( short validity. Maybe will end this month)
15. Ipvanish ( Expires = 2/4/2021)
16. Hotstar (with 21 validity)
17. Curiosity stream (Renew Date = 2020-07-25 22:17:53)
18. Tunnel Bear VPN (Expiry Date = Jan 23, 2021)
19. Viper vpn ( for mobile use)
20. Express vpn ( for mobile uses only)
21. If you want *censored* accounts then I can share you them too.
22. Crunchyroll

There are two conditions:
1. Cracked accounts, so I can't assure you that it will work for the last day of its subscription (because the original owner can change it's password anytime)
2. All accounts are hit accounts, so you are unable to change it's password( if you do maybe then it will stop working)
Post here if you wanna anymore except Netflix.

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Please appreciate for deeds! Because everything is not like sleeping easy............


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16/04/2020 12:39:31
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i need deezer account