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Better RAM or Graphics Card
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24/01/2018 03:08:08
(201 weeks ago)
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Which must be better RAM or Graphics Card?



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24/01/2018 03:51:19
(201 weeks ago)
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Ram is = G.Skill Ripjaws X Series
Graphics Card = Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1070
In my opinion ^_^

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24/01/2018 04:23:11
(201 weeks ago)
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Good graphics card with low RAM is better. This is because it can use your system RAM as well as it's own. So as long as you have enough extra system RAM in your system it's fine.

IE HD 6450 4GB vs HD 7790 1GB either card in a stsem with 8GB of system RAM the HD 7790 will be wat better. Now put the HD 6450 4GB in a build that is choking for system RAM with only 1GB to 2GB of system RAM and that might actually be better for *some* things. Specially cause nothing else in the build will be performance enough to use the HD 7790 properly.

So ya for a gaming rig you go for a performance card, not a high RAM card. Then you just make sure you have enough system RAM installed also for the GPU card to share some of.

At first I thought you were asking if system RAM or a graphics card was better and I was like: " well you need both to have a computer. What kind of question is that?"

So it's important to have enough system RAM and a performance graphics card.

It's not *that* important for the graphics card to have a lot of RAM, though if the graphics card is a high performance card first and formost then having more RAM is a good thing also. For example with the HD 7790 there is a 1GB model and a 2GB model and otherwise it's the same card. So if they are near the same price definetly go for the 2GB model cause that is better. It's just that RAM is not the whole story.

Also different graphics RAM like different system RAM has different bandwidth speed. Fast graphics RAM & system RAM is better than slow graphics RAM and system RAM. Some of the top cards today have over 300 GB/s bandwidth while some of the bottom ones have less than 10 GB/s bandwidth which is terrible.

For example:
HD 6450 4GB card does 200 GFLOPS and has 12.8 BG/s memory bandwidth.
R9 290X 4GB card does 5632 GFLOPS and has 320 GB/s memory bandwidth.

The R9 290X is so much better it's funny and the total memory has nothing to do with it.

R7 260X card has only 1GB of memory, does 1971 GFLOPS, has 104 GB/s bandwidth to it's onboard memory and can share your system RAM at approximately between 10 GB/s & 80 GB/s depending on your system RAM speed and number of sticks.

That's why good system RAM is important also but the GPU still comes first.

I hope you got your Answer...  grin.gifgrin.gifgrin.gif

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30/01/2018 08:36:17
(200 weeks ago)
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I think Ram should get more priority than graphics card