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Poker tips and tricks have been passed down from player to player over the years. The following poker tips should have you winning more money, and staying on top of your game. Wether you’re a new player, or veteran on the felt, the following poker tips will either be great new concepts you can try out, or old ones that you may have forgot.

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Reading Online Tells
- In live poker play, it is necessary to learn the meaning of an opponent's physical "tells." The tell can be a facial expression, a hand or body movement, a laugh or irregularity in breathing. It could even be the way the chips are handled - the possibilities include any body language or vocal cue that regularly accompanies typical betting patterns - particularly raising. Often such clues can add up to a good read of your opponent's poker hand. Good poker players are always watching for tells...

Poker Tips to use before you even start playing.

1. Don’t play a game where you can lose more money than you can afford to lose.
Because poker involves some element of luck, even the very best poker players will go on an unlucky streak, and it’s not uncommon to hear of great players going on a cold streak, and not having a winning session for several games at a time. The reason these players are still making a profit at the end of the year is because they had enough money to be able to weather the storm. If they had put all their money in just one game, played their best, and still lost, they would have been done, and net losers by the end of the year. You need to make sure you have enough money in your bankroll so that you can play the limits you’re comfortable with and be able to withstand a few losses. Knowing you have more money and are properly bankrolled will also boost your confidence and allow you to play without fear. Scared money is lost money. Most experts agree that you should have enough money in your bankroll to account for 300 big blinds in the limit game you are playing. For big bet games, like no limit and pot limit, 20 full buy ins for that game should be enough.

2. Pick your spots!
This can mean a number of things in poker, but I’m specifically talking about game selection here. If the top ten poker players in the world decided to play each other every day for the rest of their careers, the number ten player would be a lifelong losing player. You need to make sure you’re playing in a game where you know the competition does not play as well as you. Live play may be tricky, but if you don’t see any pros at the table, go ahead and observe the game for awhile before you sit. If there are enough bad players in the game you should feel good about sitting with them. Likewise, if you know there is a weak home game somewhere in your city, or a casino with particularly soft players, make it a point to play in those games often. Online poker allow even easier ways to see if the competition is weak. Many online tools will let you simply look up a player’s online name and get statistics on that player. Even an online Pokerstarts poker lobby will show you what games are loose, and what games seem to be tight. You can choose a game based on your own strengths from there.

3. Don’t go into a game if you’re head’s not in the right place.
If you’ve been drinking, doing drugs, just had a fight with your wife, or are having a very stressful day, then don’t play poker that day. Making money in poker is just like making money in any other job. You don’t show up to work drunk, so don’t drink while playing poker. Professionals lick their chops when they see a drunk tourist sit at their poker table. If you’re head is not in the right place and you’re distracted, you will not play your best. You will make mistakes. Maybe little ones at first, but this can snowball into multiple mistakes, and if you’re not thinking straight can lead straight to tilt. Losing buy in after buy in, making stupid calls, and basically just throwing money to the other players. Again, always make sure you are in the right frame of mind when you hit the poker tables. Poker tips to use while you play.

4. Pay attention! Unlike chess, or other strategy based games, poker is a game of incomplete information.
The more information you have, the bigger your edge over the other players. Pay attention to what players seem to bluff too often. Which players who will never call a big bet without the nuts. Pay attention to the flow of the game. Is the table full of wild players throwing money in with any holdings preflop, or are you sitting at a rock garden where players are waiting forever to get a top five hand? Once you’ve observed the players and the way the game is going you’ll be able to adapt and pick the best course of action on how you should modify your own play. Playing pokers with others is not like a computer simulation where there is always one way to play, to get to that next level, you’ll have to learn one of poker’s greatest weapons, which is to shift gears accordingly. And paying attention is the first step in that process.

5. Wait for good hands.
Especially at a full table, waiting for good starting hands has never hurt anyone. The fact is that bad poker hands are bad because they lose you money in the long run when you play them. Don’t start playing sub par hands because you’re bored. Don’t play trashy hands because you once one a huge pot with a particular trashy hand, and it is now you’re “lucky hand”. To put it simply, just consider folding bad hands as you making money. You are being payed in the long run by folding bad hands. It’s as if at the end of the year, someone went over your hands, saw the bad ones you folded, and payed you money. Playing bad hands pre flop will just make each and every other street in that hand that much harder to play and more expensive.

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6. Stop bluffing!
Or at least save that particular weapon for the right spot, and don’t abuse it. Televised tournaments and poker movies make it seem that the bluff is the coolest and deadliest weapon in poker. If you bluff too much, your opponents will eventually figure you out. Bad players sometimes refuse to fold no matter what when they get a particular starting hand and your bluff will just end up losing you money. Also, some players are intent on playing sheriff or bluff catcher and love calling down with anything from bottom pair, to ace high just to “keep you honest”. While bluffing has it’s place, the inexperienced player uses it way too much, and if they never bluffed once, could probably still be a winning poker player. Again, bluffing is a complicated and tricky thing, and if you rarely use it, you will probably be better off.

Remember these poker tips before you even sit at the table, remember to have the right amount of money, pick the right poker games, and make sure your head’s right before you play. And when you do get there, never forget the basics. Wait for good hands, observe the other players, and stop bluffing so much.

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