Uploading problem
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27/07/2020 00:26:26
(1 week ago)
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I am SEEDING all my torrents but why it shows 0.00 upload and Download on my seeding stats?



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27/07/2020 01:48:14
(1 week ago)
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United States of America  
You can see the downloaded amount in history. And regarding upload, seeding doesn't mean that you are always uploading. If somebody downloads from you, the upload will increase.



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27/07/2020 09:06:33
(1 week ago)
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I guess you're a Shared IP user.
First of all let me clear one thing for you that, SEED & Upload is not the same thing. Those files that you're seeding will be able to upload data when someone will connect with you in PEER. To connect each-other it require someone with REAL IP. Cause shared IP could not connect with another shared IP user.
This is the main problem of SHARED IP users & most of those are facing RATIO problem.

Now you can do a couple of things to overcome this issue....

Best option is take a Real IP connection from your ISP.

If you SEED, you'll get 0.6 point in every hour for each 190MB+ torrent. So try to seed 200MB+ torrents as much as you can. you'll get points & you can use those to buy upload data from CrazyHD shore which will balance your RATIO. see this: http://prntscr.com/n5xudp

Try to Download 100% freeleech File & keep seeding as long as possible. seed,gain point,exchange point with upload amount increase ratio

Try to Upload some fresh popular content in our server to maintain ratio u must have to upload content along with downloads otherwise ratio drastically fall

Check this DOC for how to improve ratio,

For more Query contact Helpdesk.

Good Luck.