Seed Box for Uploading Faster in CrazyHD
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05/11/2019 14:01:32
(6 days ago)
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I need a native High-Speed SeedBox to seed the torrents and increase the ratio.
Can anyone help me by telling me the names of the Popular Seedbox (Bangladeshi Preferrable)?
Please let me know without VPS.   angel.gif angel.gif angel.gif
Thanks in Advance.

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05/11/2019 18:25:53
(6 days ago)
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Contact with our moderator D_Bug. He can help you. Or you can browse older forum posts regarding this.



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08/11/2019 22:40:54
(3 days ago)
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I don't know of any seedbox providers based out of Bangladesh, as most of the seedbox providers are concentrated in Europe (Amsterdam, Germany, France particularly).
You can think of / Seedhost / Ultraseedbox / Feralhosting, all of them are very reputable providers and offer very good value for money.

You can also directly get in touch with D_Bug (, he has some nice dedicated seedboxes for a decent price.

All the Best! If you have any queries, feel free to revert here or PM me.