Linux vs Windows vs OS X
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18/11/2017 01:35:47
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At this moment I am a Windows OS user. But for some days I am thinking to move on LINUX. The UI of linux is so good. It attract me. LINUX OS is so optimized i think so...

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18/11/2017 06:18:27
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According to LifeWire Website:

12 Reasons Why Linux Is Better Than Windows 10

1. Windows 10 Is Slow On Older Hardware
2. You Don't Like The Windows 10 User Interface
3. The Size Of The Windows 10 Download Is Huge
4. Linux Is Free
5. Linux Has Many More Free Applications
6. Security
7. Performance
8. Privacy
9. Reliability
10. Updates
11. Variety
12. Support

And According to TechRepublic Website:

10 things Linux does better than OS X

1: Flexibility
2: Open source
3: Command line
4: Hardware requirements
5: Security
6: Portability
7: Cost
8: More available software
9: Not so dumbed-down
10: Keyboard efficiency

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16/02/2018 09:30:53
(139 weeks ago)
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Windows is currently the dominator of the operating system market almost withholding 90% of users.

• Risk of Malware: Windows is the biggest target for malware out of every operating system. This is due to the much larger user base allowing a malware attack to infect a lot more computers. There is still a diversity of anti-malware programs that are even free for Windows including Microsoft Security Essentials which Windows users can download for free on Microsoft’s website.

• Stability: When compared to Mac OS X and Linux Windows isn’t the most stable out of the 3. This is due to the operating system using a lot more resources to run causing the computer to slow down and applications to crash. A slow computer isn’t going to benefit from Windows as much as it would with Linux in stability.

• Hardware the System Can Be Installed On: Most computer manufacturer’s ship with Windows and most hardware on the market are compatible with Windows as long as it meets the requirements making installing Windows exceptionally easy.

• Availability of Software: Windows has a much larger diversity of developers developing applications and programs for Windows than any other operating system. This is due to the much larger number of users.

• Pricing: Windows is a rather expensive operating system costing $100+ depending on whether you buy it with the system (OEM) or purchase it separately (Which is a lot more expensive).

Systems using the Linux kernel as a whole are currently the least used out of the 3 with only a bit over 1% of users.

• Risk of Malware: The risk of malware on a system installed with Linux is far less likely to be affected my malware due to the low user base. However, there is also much less of a choice when considering anti-malware programs.

• Stability: The popular Linux distros like Ubuntu are exceptionally stable. This is due to the system using a lot less processing power.

• Hardware the System Can Be Installed On: The best thing about Linux is it can almost be installed on every computer Windows can. On top of that, you can dual boot the two systems so you can use both whenever you wish.

• Availability of Software: Linux has the least amount of programs being developed for it. This is evidently due to its low user base.

• Pricing: Linux is free meaning you can download it and install it without paying a cent.

Mac’s seem to be getting more and more popular year after year although only currently holding just over 7% of users.

• Risk of Malware: Just like Linux, Mac’s are a lot less prone to malware than a Windows system. This is due to a more closed system and a much lower user base such as Linux.

• Stability: Mac’s tend to be exceptionally stable due to a couple of reasons. The system also uses less processing power than Windows and the OS can only be installed on Mac systems built by Apple making the hardware run efficiently with the OS.

• Hardware the System Can Be Installed on: As mentioned above, the Mac OS can only be installed on computer built by Apple giving you a lot less choice when choosing a system.

• Availability of Software: Although having more availability with software than Linux, Mac’s have a lot less availability for software due to the lower user base than Windows. Additionally, there are a lot less Objective-C developers (the programming languages Mac uses) as opposed to the languages Windows or Linux computers are capable of interpreting.

• Pricing: Mac’s are also a lot more expensive than Windows as you are unable to build a system and buy the operating system separately. You are forced to purchase a Mac system built by Apple which is also a lot more expensive than pre-built Windows Systems

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24/03/2018 00:26:18
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I came here to write something, instead of that I learnt a lot from the previous comments!

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26/03/2018 00:34:37
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linux has some great advantages over windows, one of them is malware protection

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26/03/2018 07:41:31
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Thank yousmile2.gif

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01/04/2018 07:34:06
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I am windows user,its easy for me.didnt try linux yet

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