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Step 1 - Find The Free Ringtones
Using the Nextpimp Search you can locate which ringtone you are looking for. Just type in a keyword:

Step 2 - Download The Ringtone To Your Computer
In the ringtone listings you will find the download icon. It looks like this ringtone download. By clicking on this icon in the search listings you will be presented with a box that asks you what you would like to do with the file. The ringtone is compressed for you in a zip file. Zip compression helps us free up space on our server and also makes for faster downloads for you. Save the free ring tone to your computer and move to step 3.
Step 3 - Getting The Ringtone To your Phone.
Once you have downloaded your free ringtone to your computer you now have to get it to your phone. This is the tricky part. We are working on currently creating guides for Nextel, Sprint, Tmobile, and other phones but until then we have a very basic guide.
Email Gateway
- Almost all cellphones have a free way to send the ringtone directly to your phone. Check the guide for your carrier to find your specific gateway.
- *NEW* This is the new and easy way to transfer ringtones to your phone. Check the owners manual of your phone to learn how to transfer ringtones from your computer to your phone by bluetooth.
Data Cable
- This is the old and stable way of getting ringtones to your phone. If your phone did not come with a free data cable for loading ringtones or applications you can try searching eBay for your model. For example if I had a treo 755 by sprint I would search for "treo 755 data cable".