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How to Identify Investment Opportunities

When it comes to the Stock Market, are you an opportunist? This term need not have a negative connotation. The definition of an opportunist is someone who is dedicated to making money, no matter the consequence or the cir*censored*stances of another’s misfortune.

Investing is not about feeling guilty. You may feel compassion for others whose misfortune results in your gains, but there is nothing wrong with taking advantage of opportunities when they present themselves. Here are some tips here for identifying good investment opportunities as they occur.
Study the Economy

Stock Market Opportunities


Look at global trends. Right now, many countries are experiencing an economic decline the likes of which have not been seen for decades or more. As the economy changes, so do factors such as the real estate market and the stock market. But the reverse is also true; the stock market itself can affect the economy.

You may want to keep an eye on developing countries. Their economies may be growing while more established countries are still in the midst of a rapid decline. Of course, a strong economy means a strong stock market and vice versa.
Opportunities in a Bear Market

Even though a bear market can mean tragedy for a great deal of investments, for the opportunist it can mean money making ability in the near future.

Of course, the most obvious opportunity is to identify a stock that is expected to recover nicely and buy shares cheap (also referred to as bottom fishing). This is not always an easy thing to do, but can you imagine if you had figured out decades ago that Google was going to be as big as it today and invested in it?

Look for an increase in the market’s volume to signal a recovery. As investors start to return to trading, so will prices increase. This could be a good time to sell, but it is rarely a good time to buy.

Often in a bear market, patience is key. The market has to hit an all-time low, and if you’ve invested wisely, then the only thing you can do is to wait it out.

As the Stock Market goes through its various cycles, you will be in the position for making money if you can identify them before other investors and act on opportunities.
The Benefits of Online Trading
Buying and Selling Stocks Without a Broker

It used to be that any investor who wanted to buy and sell stocks had to go through a traditional stock broker. That meant paying a fee and being squeezed into the broker’s busy schedule. Today, however, making money on the stock market is not only easier, it is cheaper and allows you much greater control over the process by utilising Online Trading.
Internet Trading551783_street_of_wealth

Perhaps the greatest thing to happen to the stock market is the availability of websites which allow anyone to trade stocks on the internet. This has really leveled the playing field. In fact, any novice investor who wishes can set up an online account and begin using their share market strategy to buy and sell stocks within a matter of minutes.

Of course, you will want to ensure that the site you deal with is one that is trusted and reliable. Just like in the bricks and mortar world, shady brokers exist on the World Wide Web, too.
Advantages of Online Trading

There are many ways that online trading is superior to utilising a traditional brokerage firm. For one thing, it is fairly easy.

Most trading websites offer a variety of tools to help the novice investor. You can track market trends and instantly find current pricing. Some sites include an automatic reinvestment option which allows you to purchase fractional stock . If you are still feeling uncertain about your investment decision and wish to correspond with a professional broker, assisted trades can usually be arranged.

Another benefit of trading online is that it is cheaper. The fee per transaction is usually much lower than those made through a traditional brokerage firm. Many websites offer discounted rates based upon volume.

Buying and selling stocks is done in real time, with the click of a mouse. This is the best way to pounce on buying when shares reach their lowest price. There will be a little lag time due to the speed of your internet connection, but it is far quicker than picking up the phone and waiting to get through to your broker.

Even though making money through online trading is a great option, just remember that it is no less risky than other methods. Do your research and utilise your strategy just as you would when making a purchase through a stock broker.
Share Market Tips For Beginners
Three Different Ways to Trade Stocks

When most people think about buying and selling stocks, they envision setting up an account with a traditional broker. Whilst this is still a viable method, today there are many other options available. Particularly with the explosion of the World Wide Web, new opportunities for Making Money through investments abound.
Direct Stock Purchase Plans

What it is:

A Direct Stock Purchase Plan refers to an investor directly purchasing stock certificates from a company, rather than going through a brokerage firm. Often there is a minimum purchase amount required. Many of these companies also offer a reinvestment plan for ease.

Who this works best for:

An investor who is confident about choosing good, long-term stocks.
Single Share Purchases

What it is:

A website that offers the ability to purchase just a single stock share at a time. Investors make an initial purchase and are then entitled to buy additional certificates if they desire. The subsequent transactions are not subject to a broker’s fee.

Who this works best for: Investors who want to get started Trading Stocks but have very limited funds to work with or investors who want to test their strategy on a small scale.
Dividend Reinvestment Plan

What it is:

This refers to a cash investment. The transaction is completed directly between an investor and the company. Reinvestment plans are available and buying additional certificates, or even fractions of shares, is as easy as sending in a minimum $10 payment. Many companies offer a Dividend Reinvestment Plan, or DRIP.

Who this works best for:

Someone who wants to begin their investment portfolio slowly and cautiously and has limited funds to begin.

Not all investing needs to be done via traditional Share Market Strategies or by ac*censored*ulating a large sum of start-up funds. These options may be just perfect for you to start investing.
Share Market Tips
Share Market Tips By Copying A professional?

There are many companies online offering Share Market Tips but not too many that will tell you their own actual trades.  As a novice what an incredible confidence boost it was for me being able to follow a professional trader.  As soon as Andrew Dimitri placed a trade of his own I would receive an sms and an email giving me all the exact information regarding his trade.  I would then do my own research on the companies, enter the current data into the spreadulator to check the possible return on investment and possible risk, and finally call my broker and place a trade.

After doing this quite a few times I noticed I could never find a reason not to go ahead with the trade, and as I was placing it at a later time I was not getting the same prices and was missing out on some profit.  It also seemed a waste of my time doing this research when I could not possibly hope to do as thorough a job as a professional trader.  He was using his own money on his own trades so I could safely assume he was doing his homework.
The Best Kind Of Share Market Tips

The answer to saving me a lot of wasted time was the auto trader option.  Once I had this set up and running, whenever a trade was placed by the team at Planet Wealth an exact trade was submitted at the same time for me automatically.  This was ideal for me; it saved me time and most importantly made me more money.  The other benefit of using the auto trader is that I still had complete control of my money.  This option is available for all Share Market Strategies at Planet Wealth.

By using one of the Planet Wealth’s preferred brokers I set up my own trading account under my own name so that when a trade is placed it is merely copied and placed on my behalf.  I have not handed over my money to them, it is in my account and I can close trades at any time and remove my money if I choose to do so.  I have never done this and going on past results I may never have to.

It is my intention one day in the future to have a go at selecting and placing trades myself but for now I have no intention of doing so.  It is making money so why mess with it?

Developing Confidence to Make Money
The Confidence to Trade and Make Money

After downloading and reading the E-Books I was very excited about Andrew Dimitries Options Spread Strategy.  I downloaded the spreadulator (an excel spreadsheet used for *censored*ysis and monitoring options) along with the other material provided for paper trading.  Now Paper Trading is a simulated trading process in which beginner investors can practice investing without committing real money.  Being a cautious person I wanted to do this for as long as was required to become proficient and most importantly, confident in implementing this strategy.

When I felt I was ready to proceed with my first trade using my own real money, I sat down and started my research of available stock options.  Although by this stage

First Trade

First Trade

I was confident and believed I knew exactly what I was doing, I began to feel a little doubt and fear enter my mind.  Now I assume this is normal for any first time traders but I started having thoughts such as: what if there is something about the stock I don’t know and I pick the wrong one?  What if I buy at the wrong price?  I wanted to Make Money not lose it, I felt that as I didn’t have access to the software used by the pro’s to select the best stocks it would be a lot smarter if I just followed their trades.
Make Money With The Trading Diary

As I mentioned in a previous post the partners at Planet Wealth are in fact experienced successful investors themselves.  They do not offer stock tips or advice, what they do offer is a trade sharing service.  By joining the Trading Diary they share with you the details of their own trades made with their own money immediately after they are placed.  For a beginner investor I believe this is pure gold.  Imagine being able to copy the trade of an experienced, proven trader as he makes them.  A great way for a newbie to gain confidence and reduce the risk of making mistakes due to lack of experience and also increase their ability to Make Money

Once the trade is placed you can choose to receive it by all or any of the following:

   Website Posting

The details you receive include all of those you need to place the trade yourself;

   Name of the Company
   The Stock Ticker
   The Exact Price at Entry
   Brief commentary on why the trade was chosen

The strategy I mentioned in the first paragraph is one of six Share Market Strategies traded by Planet Wealth.  Six E-Books detailing each one is explained here at Planet Wealth E-Books.

Invest with Confidence

Achieving Financial Freedom using the Share Market

Share Market Rising

Share Market Rising

The Cost of Financial Freedom

In my last post I discussed the importance of obtaining a solid education in order to be successful in using any share market strategies and ultimately achieving your goal of financial freedom.  Being a full time professional pilot it is difficult for me to find the time to put in the study and effort I believe is required in order to have the best chance of success.  This was a difficult situation for me as previously I  had lost a lot of money in investments that I had no control over i.e. investments where I handed my money over to an investor or investment company and prayed they would be successful to  make money for me.  I was determined to never again participate in this method of investing and to take control of it myself.

After a lot of searching I decided to go with Planet Wealth, I was confident in my choice to do this because of these reasons.

   They offered e-books on all their strategies so that I could get a full understanding on each one.
   All partners in the company are experienced active investors.
   An available forum for asking specific questions or general discussion on anything financial.
   Their emphasis on Risk Management.
   They gave specific details on the risk involved with any transaction.
   Trading support through the Trading Diary.
   Auto Trader options
   Most importantly they are a trade sharing service.

The last item listed above is the one I considered most important of all.  There are thousands of trade recommendation services  available as well as companies offering advice on what to do.  What made Planet Wealth stand out for me is that they don’t do this at all, they share the actual trades they make themselves.  So whenever they place their own trades with their own money they provide you with all the details immediately after their trade is placed.
Having the confidence to trade in order to achieve financial freedom

So for me my first move was to download the e-books and start reading.  Each E-book describes:

   The particular strategy in detail
   The risk involved in any trade
   The potential reward
   How to mange the risk so you will never at any time expose yourself to losing a large portion of your funds.

Achieving financial independence requires not only education in your chosen method of passive income but also the skills in implementing them, so being able to follow an experienced investor as he trades gives you a massive amount of confidence especially when you are beginning.  If you would like to check out more information, please click on Planet Wealth E-books.  In future posts I will explain how I was able to leverage my time using the Trading Diary and Auto Trader systems.

Invest with Confidence
Financial Education a Pilots Perspective
The Wrong Kind of Financial Education

Now you may be thinking to yourself what is a pilot doing writing about share market strategies and you wouldn’t be wrong in doing so.  In fact many pilots have an atrocious record for successful investing in the share market.  In my many years in the *censored*pit suffering through untold long haul flights the conversation always seems to come around to money.  I have met guys who have at some point in their career have gone as far as taking up day trading, there were those who simply bought

Share Market Strategies

Share Market Strategies

shares and prayed they would go up in value, and most others in between.  There were also plenty of poor ones happy to give me their latest share tips.  Now don’t get me wrong I am not picking on pilots here, I am sure other groups will have similar records as well but in all my years I have met only one pilot who hasn’t given it up and consistently makes positive returns on his money every month.
The Right Kind of Financial Education

Actually now that’s two people if I include myself, I belonged to the group that thought the only share market strategy was to buy shares and pray they would go up in value.  I have always wanted to achieve financial freedom, spending weeks at a time away from home put untold stress on my relationship with my family.  I needed to form an income stream that would give me the lifestyle I dreamed of.  It seems ridiculous to me now that to become a pilot I studied and trained for years and to stay proficient that training and study never stops, yet I thought I could step into the share market and make a killing with just a little knowledge on the subject.  With anything we try to achieve in life education is the key.  Possessing the knowledge to make informed financial decisions is paramount in being successful in the share market.  I have been fortunate that I was shown the right direction and I would like to share with you where I received that education.
Planet Wealth

Planet Wealth is an independent investment company who’s owners are actual long time investors.  They offer many services however they are foremost an education service, Planet Wealth offer five different Share Market Strategies and have written e books on all, describing in detail about each strategy, it’s implementation and how to manage risk.  They cater from the novice investor to the professional trader with numerous services available depending on your experience and level of risk.  If you are at all interested in making money with the share market I recommend you go to Planet Wealth e books and discover this information for yourself.  In future posts I will discuss the different strategies offered as well as the different services they provide.