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This gaul strategy guide is for active players who enjoy raiding, farming, dominating their area and reaching to the top of the rankings. Many successful players I’ve talked with are playing gauls like this.

After playing gauls quite a bit lately on many different servers I’ve started enjoying them more and more. Especially on a speed servers it’s a lot of fun raiding with their extremely fast raiding troops, the theutates thunders, TTs for short. Being able to reach anyone in your whole 21×21 in 20 minutes is simply quite awesome. I’ve also found it very easy to catch people with armies at home using the gaul’s fast TTs as your enemy don’t see you coming before it’s too late. On one of the servers I played I was overdoing it though, and killed like 2000 troops around me before even starting with infrastructure for city number 2. Not the best way to play, but a whole lot of fun. And sorry to all my victims, it was nothing personal.

This guide is meant for players who can be very active the first week or so of the server, and the number of troops as well as time lines reflect that.

Start at server day 1
With gauls I think you should start out when the server starts, or a few hours after it starts, as you don’t want the teutons to have too many paladins or spears when you start hitting them with your TTs. Last time I started one day late on a speed server, and I lost many more troops than I had to cause of paladins and spears.

Build phalanxes to raid with
Anyways, how do you get to these amazing TTs fast? Phalanxes are horrible raiders after all and you don’t want to be stuck with those for too long. I’ve been discussing this with many people on several forums and the general consensus is that you should start out with a number of phalanxes to raid with. That is as soon as you are done with the reward program, if you have that in your server. Take the market place route, as you’ll need that to convert resources with the NPC merchant. After you get the market place, build rally and barracks and start building troops.

As soon as you have 4 phalanxes you should start raiding inactives, if you’re on a server with the reward program, only raid players with less than 9 population, so you’re sure you won’t run into that rat. You need to make 11 raids or more with the phalanxes to make them profitable so you don’t want to kill them on rats. Half a day or so out of beginner protection, if you have some teutons around you, you could try raiding players with less than 20 pop, as the teutons probably already took care of the rat.

Train as many phalanx raiders as needed
How many phalanxes you train to raid with before you start going for resource fields is hard to say, it depends on what your neighbourhood looks like. You want as many phalanxes as needed to empty all the small inactives in your 13×13, but not more than that. Small inactives being anyone under 20 in population, or under 9 population if you wanna be on the safe side. Last speed server I just went for 20 phalanxes before I started with resources, as that was all I needed.

Build resource fields and cranny if needed
Those phalanxes won’t give you the income you need to get the TTs fast on a speed server, so you’ll want to build some resource fields now. How far you extend your resource fields before you start with TT infrastructure depends on how good your neighbourhood is for farming. With 20 phalanxes raiding, get half your fields to lvl 4 and half to lvl 3. With 40 phalanxes raiding all of them to lvl 3 should be enough. If you’re being raided frequently by teutons you also need to build up your cranny so they don’t get anything, and make sure you don’t have your army at home at any time. You’re not gonna fight teutons with phalanxes, wait till you get TTs to do that.

ttInfrastructure and researching theutates thunders
This is the hardest part of the guide, as it takes quite a few resource to build buildings and research the TTs, about 17000 total actually. You need stable level 3, blacksmith level 3 and academy level 5 before you can research them. Holding 2200 lumber at one time to do the research might be tricky, if you’re getting raided a lot you need to build a pretty big cranny. Hopefully you’ve done well keeping no rescourses at home for raiders before so that the number of raids you get on you will be limited. With this guide I belive you can get TTs in about 50-55 hours if everything goes real smooth. I had to spend 65 hours last time loosing too many phalanxes in my raids, but even if you have to spend 3 whole days (72 hours), it’s still very good.

After you get the TTs things are starting to get more fun. Now you can take revenge on those annoying teutons who might have been raiding you over and over. If any of them attack you now, make sure you dodge the attack and counter it. Don’t go to crazy with attacking the teutons around you though, don’t attack if it’ll cost you more than ⅓ of your total troops, and make sure you have a steady increase in TTs even when fighting the teutons. Trying to get control of your neighbourhood is important, but you have to keep your raiding income up while doing so. Just lay off the teutons who have a lot of spears, it’s not worth killing those at this point.

Second village
As a gaul you’ll take quite a bit longer time before founding your second village compared to teutons. That’s ok though, there’s no reason to rush it too much. It’s hard to set an exact point when it should be done, as there are so many factors to consider, but as a general guideline I’d say it is when you have about 100-150 TTs and a pretty good control of your close neighbourhood, the 13×13. If things go well this should be about day 6 on the server. I usually go for a 15 cropper as my second village but then you should be willing to use some gold at the NPC from the start. There is more about this in my other strategy articles.

From here on I start building myself a nice army of swordsmen as well as keeping up the TT production in my stable. Since this is just a start guide I will end this here and write more about later stages with gauls in other articles. I hope you found this guide usefull and feel free to leave some comments.