How to Get A Girl Into Bed
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Are you a guy who goes out night after night and never quite makes contact?  It may be hard to comprehend now, but how to get a girl in bed is not related to talent, it's completely skills and techniques.  When you master these strategies, you'll see improvements immediately.  Here are 5 great tips to help you perfect your game.

Appearance Is Everything

Guys are rougher than gals, and we don't give a darn about how exactly we look.  We think of that as a girly trait, and we are COMPLETELY wrong.  Girls love guys who value how they look.  From how you do your hair, to the clothes you wear and all the way down to your footwear, looking good is vital.  So, before going out, spend some time examining yourself out in the mirror.  If you are absolutely clueless about fashion, that is not a problem.  Simply check out some men's magazines to get some ideas.  Spend a little cash improving your closet and put on your best, hippest threads when you're out to the club.

Make Her Feel Great

If you're out there playing the field, the most essential thing is to take notice.  It isn't about you, it's about her.  All throughout the conversation, make it all about her and make her feel great.  Be nice and give her exactly what she wants.  Always compliment her, because self-esteem is among the biggest things that keeps a woman from going to bed with a man.  If you make her feel really good just chatting at the club or going out somewhere, this shows her that you'll be making her feel great in bed too. First impression is also important, go through how to pick up girls for more tips on making excellent first impression.
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Be Playful

Serious guys aren't the ones that get girls into bed.  In every attempt to pick up girls, having good portion of humor and playfulness in the conversation is a must.  It's an essential part of flirting. Throw some jokes and make her relaxed and comfortable being around you. This is especially important when the crucial moment comes - when the bar's closed and you guys are standing outside ready to go somewhere.  Show her that the fun's not over yet!

Be A Great Kisser

It's a statistic fact and has been shown in a lot of surveys in women's magazines: they love a man who are proficient at kissing.  The very first kiss is the prelude to everything that's going to take place afterwards.  If you're skilled with the tonsil hockey, her imagination will tell her what else you are skillful with.  Never be nervous; enjoy the kiss just as much as you will enjoy what comes later, and you will make it enjoyable for her too.  The most difficult part of the first kiss is making contact.  Hold off until the moment is right and read her body language to determine if she's ready, and then move in for the kill.  If you know the way to kiss her really well and you get that first kiss, the rest will fall straight into your lap. Read more about this at way to kiss a girl.

Stick to Target

Here's something vital to bear in mind during your seduction quest - women love and need *censored* just as much as men do.  Society teaches women that it's "wrong" to savor *censored*, and teaches us guys that it is alright.  It isn't fair, but that's just the way it is.  Keeping this in your mind, you ought to have confidence in the fact that she wishes it just as bad as you do.  It's only a matter of playing your cards right and watching your timing.

When you get proficient in applying these strategies, you already knwo how to get a girl in bed and you can do it without much difficulties.  Remember these five rules when you're in the game and you'll begin to see result you desire.